Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Party Ft. John Players

Summer Fashion comes with a potpourri of flavors. And for men and women alike, believe me when I say this !

You remember I had a blast styling from men section last year and this year when the party returned, I had to wear my party hat and join!

Result readers get some more tips for men styling 
As I said, You can style denim in 101 ways. or may be more.

Its great to see a brand evolving , into a one stop shop for all your needs, opening more windows of styling. Feisty prints,funky tees,solids and denims they have the most of it. John Players is young and esquire. 

Scroll down for fun looks from the brand's new collection which was perfect display of fun with versatility.

Look 1 is for someone who digs, Denim on Denim , How easily its styled Soft Denim buttoned shirt. Its a realization that I repeated this look from last year, marks my love for it. Keeping it dark both way- Top & Bottom is washed jeans.

Look 2 Hello to beach look in these uber-cool SOFT DENIM joggers, slippers and palm print shirt for adding that cool quotient. Destination beach party, and you are invited!

 Look 3 You are the one who loves layering, go checkered with a basic fun look. Fun grey funky tee beneath and it still gives you that rugged look. 

Summer is crazy, so time to go crazier with shopping and styling yourself.

Don't forget to follow their social media updates for fun quiz and updates with #JohnPlayersKey2Life to win a cool bike and head for that trip on your bucket list....Go go go !!  We GOOFBALLS are sitting on the bike thats why its not visible in this photo below :

Also , how WE FASHION bloggers styled from the collection with umpteen outfit ideas for you.You agree we are a fun bunch, no ? 

John Players 



Next is Goa travelogue up on the blog next week, till then tell me which is your favorite look from 3 looks above ?

Till Next


  1. Nicely done ! The checkered look is the probably the best way to go about but the other two aren't half bad either.Its what you feel most comfortable in and can carry out nicely. Cheers !

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