Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cool Girl's yellow !

Alert : Special Christmas Post

This season I tell you is the time for you to shine bright.While I was comforted in my bed, just chilling & a text dropped from my long lost friend saying How to style her perfect Yellow Jacket for Christmas House party , I found an opportunity to open the Pandora box for Styling ideas.
For all the crazy conversation that we had after that I know, she is pretty much sorted for now :)

Fashion is not just for the most fashionable, I mean it. It means different things to different variety of people & I enjoy understanding the variance with some serious fashion loving Of course!

Coming to the purpose of this post, last season saw crazy Darker hues loving like Oxblood & Emerald, this season is making shift to Bright hues & Prints are still dominant Ladies !

So Its time you crank up that Bright Yellow Jacket, It definitely is Cool girl's yellow :)

Run through these easy ideas for styling for Off duty & Party Looks, I have happily curated for the fashion girl in you :

Fun Day in Yellow.Loving the stripes & heart. Print on Print, much ?

T , This is just perfect for you ?

How Classic is a LBD with Yellow Jacket , NO Fuss but so much Drama  ?

This is my Favorite look with prints loving

All the pictures are courtesy Pinterest , a girl's new Best friend , You could follow my board Here :)

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What are you wearing this Christmas?  Get in the Glimmer & favorite party shoes, make sure they are comfortable.

Happy Holidays !!

Till Next XX


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Label Love

Truth be told, If I would have to pen down the all new fashion labels that have ventured recently the list is so exhausting & its almost dime a dozen. Phew !

But hey , you can now shop from the season’s hottest pieces while enjoying speedier delivery and favorable shipping rates. Could you ask for more ?

I thought may be makes sense to run you down my current go to brands when it comes to ultimate love for fashion.
We are going to celebrate Fashion like never before.

But yes for someone like me whose sartorial choices have changed drastically & have now moved from quantity to quality, I ensure or atleast try to invest rather than splurge. Okay, sometimes Splurge too! But its wise to invest in classic pieces, say a Plaid shirt for casuals or a Silk blouse for formals. Holiday season is going to kick in soon.

Here goes the List of first edition of Label Love from Yours truly :

If you love Travel & Bohemia , this shop site is a treasure for one & all. Not only they have got hand-crafted accessories using natural fabrics like silks & twills & genuine leather with exclusive & originally developed prints. I had several gasps after seeing their beautifully crafted clutches.Every piece is a dream.

Check my favorites Gold fiesta clutch & Orange pop lace clutch.
First things first,this brand is synonymous with choices.You have one-stop-shop for all things pretty & I believe pretty things have pretty effect on you.
Go ahead explore sections like Celebrity where you can discover styling ideas of your favorites. A quick scolling will help you gauge the latest trends & how to style them effortlessly.
Two of my current favorites pieces for their utility & designs :
Floral Sweatshirt & Aztec Jacket.
Also, don't forget to drool through Autumn-Winter Lookbook13.Checkout Melodrama.

From Koov's lookbook

There are jewellery pieces,footwear & so much more.

Hoping this will help you find the coveted pieces this season with an efforless click .

Okay & what Christmas plans ?

Till Next